Depression and Pregnancy
Brittany Da Silva
Brittany Da Silva
September 18, 2018
Depression during pregnancy is a real mental health issue that many women may experience. Learn more about depression and pregnancy, and how to cope here.

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Trouble Concentrating With Depression

5 Ways to Cope with Concentration Troubles and Depression

Trouble concentrating in younger ages can result in poor grades and for adult life it can cause issues at work, especially in fast-paced environments.
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Learning from Depression

8 Lessons I Learned From My Depression

I've struggled with depression for years and I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Here are 8 valuable lessons depression taught me.
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Mindfulness and Depression

How Does Mindfulness Help With Depression?

Using mindfulness exercises may help manage the symptoms of depression. Learn how you can use mindfulness for depression today.
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How to Deal With Depression

11 Different Ways to Deal With Depression

There are hundreds of ways on how to deal with depression. From listening to music, attending talk therapy to spending time in nature.
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Depression and Criticism

How to Cope With Criticism When You’re Depressed

Dealing with both depression and criticism at the same time can be challenging, fortunately, there are a few ways to cope.
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Meditation for Depression

Can Meditation Help Depression?

Meditation for depression may provide different benefits ranging from clearing your mind of fear and worry to managing your symptoms.
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Living Alone With Depression

6 Coping Skills for Living Alone With Depression

Living alone with depression can be tough, however, there are six ways to making living alone with depression a little easier.
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Depression Recovery

A Step-by-Step Guide to Working Towards Depression Recovery

Naturally, when depressed, recovery feels like an impossible task. The mission becomes finding ways to take depression recovery from impossible to probable.
73 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on April 2, 2018
Depression and Confidence

Developing a Sense of Self-Worth When You Have Depression

Depression damages our confidence and self-esteem. However, there are many ways to treat depression and confidence issues.
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Staying Busy With Activities for Depression

Four Ways to Actively Fight Back Against Depression

Sadness could be considered part of the normal human condition but prolonged depression can become debilitating. Try these activities for depression.
360 found this helpful by Lana Barhum on January 23, 2018
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