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About Brittany

Brittany has been dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and depression since 2003 and has been writing for NewLifeOutlook|Depression since November 2017. She wants to assure others suffering with mental illness that they are not alone, while also proving that despite how debilitating anxiety and depression can be, it is possible to lead a contented and fulfilling life.

Growing up, Brittany voraciously devoured any book she could find, from Bunnicula to the entire Bailey School Kids series. Her love of literature only grew with age, eventually leading her to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours English, as well as a Master of Arts degree in English and Cultural Studies. Now owning more grammar and style handbooks than she’d care to admit, much of her career revolves around writing, editing, proofreading, and communicating with other people.

When she’s not reading or writing, Brittany enjoys playing roller derby and spending time with her miniature dachshund, Billy. If you are a fellow dog-lover or just need a little sunshine in your day, you can find Billy on Instagram @BillyTheBlonde.

Brittany's Work

what to say to someone who is depressed

What Should You Say to Someone Who Is Depressed?

If your loved one is battling depression and you're not sure what to say to them. Here is some advice on what to say to someone who is depressed.
by Brittany Da Silva on November 20, 2018
Magnetic Therapy for Depression

What You Need to Know About Magnetic Therapy for Depression

Magnetic therapy for depression may be used in combination with antidepressants and psychotherapy to help improve depression symptoms in individuals.
by Brittany Da Silva on October 16, 2018
Depression and Pregnancy

How Does Depression Affect Expecting Mothers?

Depression during pregnancy is a real mental health issue that many women may experience. Learn more about depression and pregnancy, and how to cope here.
by Brittany Da Silva on September 18, 2018
Mindfulness and Depression

How Does Mindfulness Help With Depression?

Using mindfulness exercises may help manage the symptoms of depression. Learn how you can use mindfulness for depression today.
by Brittany Da Silva on August 7, 2018

Is It PMS, Depression or PMDD?

In many causes, PMDD (or premenstrual dysphoric disorder) may be considered a type of depression depending on the severity of PMDD depressive symptoms.
by Brittany Da Silva on July 17, 2018
Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

Am I depressed or just sad? Whether you have a history of depression or not, for some, it can be difficult to distinguish between depression and sadness.
by Brittany Da Silva on June 19, 2018
How to Deal With Depression

11 Different Ways to Deal With Depression

There are hundreds of ways on how to deal with depression. From listening to music, attending talk therapy to spending time in nature.
by Scott Ste Marie and Brittany Da Silva on June 12, 2018
Depression Symptoms

Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Depression

It's important to recognize these common depression symptoms in order to receive proper treatment — for yourself or a loved one — and work towards recovery.
by Brittany Da Silva on May 29, 2018
Low Self-Esteem and Depression

How Does Depression Affect Self-Esteem?

There is a strong correlation between low self-esteem and depression. Brittany provides her own tips on how to improve your self-confidence.
by Brittany Da Silva on January 2, 2018