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Scott Ste Marie, Author at New Life Outlook

About Scott

Scott is a mental health advocate who has been sharing his story of depression and anxiety for over 5 years.

His mission is to empower people by helping them realize that mental illness is not a weakness but an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Scott’s message has reached millions online through social media channels which supports the fact that the need for mental health education and awareness is needed.

Scott continues to practice mindfulness and see his therapist in order to maintain his mental health.

Scott's Work

How to Get Tested for Depression

How Do You Get Tested for Depression?

How to get tested for depression begins with you working with your doctor to find a diagnosis. Learn more about your role in getting a proper diagnosis.
by Scott Ste Marie on October 23, 2018
Movies About Depression

5 Must-See Movies That Perfectly Describe Depression

Here are five movies about depression that do a fantastic job of educating the audience on what depression entails and why it can be a debilitating illness.
by Scott Ste Marie on September 12, 2018
How to Deal With Depression

11 Different Ways to Deal With Depression

There are hundreds of ways on how to deal with depression. From listening to music, attending talk therapy to spending time in nature.
by Scott Ste Marie and Brittany Da Silva on June 12, 2018
Depression and Criticism

How to Cope With Criticism When You’re Depressed

Dealing with both depression and criticism at the same time can be challenging, fortunately, there are a few ways to cope.
by Scott Ste Marie on June 5, 2018
Living Alone With Depression

6 Coping Skills for Living Alone With Depression

Living alone with depression can be tough, however, there are six ways to making living alone with depression a little easier.
by Scott Ste Marie on May 15, 2018
Traveling With Depression

Four Ways to Cope With Depression While Traveling

Traveling can open you up to new things, but if you're living with depression you may not notice it. Here's how to cope while traveling with depression.
by Scott Ste Marie on April 26, 2018
Clutter and Depression

Depression and Your Messy Home: Three Easy Ways to De-Clutter

Clutter and depression go hand-in-hand. One study suggests that living in a disorganized home can lead to or make the depression symptoms worse.
by Scott Ste Marie on March 6, 2018
Video How to Start the Day Off Strong With Depression video

How to Start the Day Off Strong With Depression

Scott shares with you three things to start your day off strong with depression. All it takes is a few minutes in the morning to brighten your day.
by Scott Ste Marie on December 27, 2017