How to Start the Day Off Strong With Depression

Scott Ste MarieScott Ste Marie
Dec 27, 2017

Scott shares with you three things to start your morning right, especially if you’re depressed.

How to Start the Day Off Strong With Depression

I hope that these three things, once brought into your morning routine, will help you get over that first step.

Do you wake up to a buzzer?

Alarm clocks have come a long way, and you don’t have to wake up to that annoying buzzer or even that alarm, that default alarm sound on your iPhone.

Wake up to your favorite radio station. Wake up to your favorite talk radio. You can buy alarm clocks that play music from your Mp3 player or iPod so that you can upload bird chirping sounds. You can wake up to ocean waves, maybe some wind chimes, something that doesn’t alert you right away and you wake up already feeling annoyed.

This makes a huge difference because this is the first thing you hear and experience when you’re starting a new day. That’s number one.

Write Down Things You Are Grateful For

Every morning I write down ten things that I’m grateful for. It’s the first thing you do before you shower or before you brush your teeth. You stay in bed and get your mind right. Ten things that you’re grateful for.

For example, I’m grateful for my family,  my health, food and water, and clothing.

As you start to do this for a little longer, every day, maybe after a week, what you’ll find is that you have to think a little harder about the ten things that you are grateful for. You’ll start to notice the smaller things.

You will start to think a little deeper and what does this do? It helps you appreciate more. It helps you notice the small things. So that’s number two. That’s before you get out of bed.

Write Down One Affirmation

Number three, before you get out of bed, you can use the same pad and paper, is write down one affirmation. This is all setting the theme and the mood of the day.

One affirmation. I am blank…

You are what? What do you want to carry with you through the day? What’s the theme of the day? I am caring. I am beautiful. I am intelligent.

I know when you’re suffering from depression; sometimes these things are hard to believe. I want you to write them down anyways. I’m inviting you to write them down. Just give it a try.

Try this for a week, this routine for a week. If it doesn’t work, you know, if you don’t feel a difference, you haven’t gained anything from it, just stop doing it, but it doesn’t hurt to try. You have nothing to lose.

So a new alarm clock, ten things you’re grateful for, and one affirmation. Start your day off right!

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