Depression and Pregnancy
Brittany Da Silva
Brittany Da Silva
September 18, 2018
Depression during pregnancy is a real mental health issue that many women may experience. Learn more about depression and pregnancy, and how to cope here.

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Is It PMS, Depression or PMDD?

In many causes, PMDD (or premenstrual dysphoric disorder) may be considered a type of depression depending on the severity of PMDD depressive symptoms.
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Understanding the Different Types of Depression

Understanding the Different Types of Depression

Knowing the different types of depression can give you the advantage of having the best information to understand yourself and the people around you.
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Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

Am I depressed or just sad? Whether you have a history of depression or not, for some, it can be difficult to distinguish between depression and sadness.
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Depression Symptoms

Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Depression

It's important to recognize these common depression symptoms in order to receive proper treatment — for yourself or a loved one — and work towards recovery.
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Video Depression Triggers video

What Triggers Depression?

Some common depression triggers can include a loss of a loved one, personal or work-related stress, hormonal changes, or seasonal changes.
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Postpartum Depression

Why Do Mothers Get Depressed After Giving Birth?

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a mood disorder affecting women after childbirth. It causes symptoms of extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion.
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introverts and depression

Is Depression More Common in Introverts?

Depending on their personality traits, many people are susceptible to depression. So is it possible there is a link between introverts and depression?
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postpartum depression in men

Can Men Get Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression in men is quite common and it affects up to 25% of new fathers and can occur anytime during the first year after a child is born.
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Depression Triggers

7 Common Things That Can Trigger Depression

There are a lot of things we do when we are depressed that we know are not good for us. Here are some depression triggers to avoid at all costs.
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8 Ways to Help a Friend With Depression

Do you know of someone who is going through depression? Kristen provides eight tips to which will help your friend with depression.
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