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Kristen Schou, Author at New Life Outlook

About Kristen

Kristen just graduated with her Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from CSU-Sacramento this Spring.

She spends her time blogging about mental health recovery, advocacy, and awareness on her YouTube channel.

She is extremely passionate about mental health awareness and believes that the more we talk about mental health in our daily lives the less stigma surrounds it.

Kristen's Work

Learning from Depression

8 Lessons I Learned From My Depression

I've struggled with depression for years and I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Here are 8 valuable lessons depression taught me.
by Kristen Schou on August 21, 2018

8 Ways to Help a Friend With Depression

Do you know of someone who is going through depression? Kristen provides eight tips to which will help your friend with depression.
by Kristen Schou on February 23, 2018
Physical Symptoms of Depression

13 Physical Symptoms of Depression That Are Often Looked Over

Sometimes when we are experiencing depression we focus on the emotional aspect and we overlook the 13 physical symptoms of depression.
by Kristen Schou on November 6, 2017
Video Coping With Fatigue video

Coping With Fatigue

The one symptom of depression which gets overlooked quite often is fatigue. Living with fatigue can be a challenge but Kristen has some tips on how to cope.
by Kristen Schou on October 20, 2017
Video Moving House When You Have Depression video

Moving House When You Have Depression

Whether you're moving because of family, work or school, the process is stressful. Here are 4 tips on keeping a positive mind while moving with depression.
by Kristen Schou on September 29, 2017
Video Misconceptions of Depression and PMDD

Misconceptions of Depression and PMDD

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a condition where a woman experiences depression, irritability, and tension before their period.
by Kristen Schou on September 25, 2017
Video Comparing Yourself To Others

Why It’s Unfair to Compare Yourself to Others

Have you ever suffered from comparing yourself to others? Kristen discusses why it's unfair for you to compare yourself to others.
by Kristen Schou on September 14, 2017
Video Exercise And Depression

The Benefits of Exercise for Depression

Kristen discusses the benefits of exercising when you have depression. Find out what the five benefits you can gain from it.
by Kristen Schou on August 25, 2017
Video Kristen's Depression Diagnosis Story

‘It Is Okay to Reach Out for Help’ – Kristen’s Depression Diagnosis Story

Kristen believes by sharing her diagnosis story, that it will help inspire you to go get diagnosed yourself if you are feeling like you need that.
by Kristen Schou on August 17, 2017
Video 15 Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Esteem

15 Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Using positive affirmations throughout the day can help boost your self-esteem when you're feeling low. Use these examples to help boost your self-esteem.
by Kristen Schou on August 4, 2017