Moving House When You Have Depression

Kristen SchouKristen Schou
Sep 29, 2017

Whether you’re moving because of family, friends, work, school, or just because your lease is up, moving can be very stressful and difficult. However, there are four ways to keep positive while moving.

Moving House When You Have Depression

Here are four tips on keeping up positive mental health while moving.

Decorate Your New Space to Feel Like Home

My last move was last year. I moved from my home, where I lived all my life, to college and it’s been challenging. One of the things that helped me the first few months moving in was decorating my space to feel like home.

Whether it be putting up pictures of family, putting up lights just to make it more bright and happy, or decorating it the way I used to in my bedroom, making your space feel more at home is going to help you when you get home every day.

If you get home and you don’t feel comfortable in your space, your mental health is going to go down. If you feel like this is a home where it’s comfortable for you, and it makes you feel better when you get here, that’s great.

Stay In Touch With Friends and Family

Whether you’re moving down the street or moving across the country, sometimes we feel isolated in our new homes. Reach out, spend time texting your friends, calling your family members, getting out there and still hanging out with people.

It can be tough when you move, and your anxieties and your stresses can be up. So, calling people and having that support system still, even if they’re farther away, can still be very beneficial for you.

Get Involved With Your Community

If you’re going away to college, maybe join a college club. Let me tell you if you like something, whether it be Harry Potter, knitting, maybe you want to participate in a club that does a lot of volunteer stuff, there’s a club for you in college.

As well as, if you want to be out there in your community, work at a food bank, work at an animal shelter. Getting involved with your community makes you feel more a part of your community, and makes you feel more at home.

This can help bring down the stresses of moving.

Get A Pet

The last thing I want to talk about is getting a pet. Whether you already have a pet or you need a pet in your life, pets are great when you’re moving.

First few months living in the apartment that I do now, I didn’t have a pet. I wanted a pet, but I didn’t have one. I went to my local animal shelter, and I adopted my one-year-old cat named, Maybe.

My cat, Maybe, helps when I’m home alone and I’m working, she’s a great pet to come home to because she’s always happy to see me.

Saving a pet and having that responsibility and seeing something just happy to see you when you get home really helps when you move, really helps your stresses. Pets are proven to help with anxiety and depression – so get a pet.

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