Combatting Feelings of Depression and Loneliness

Kristen SchouKristen Schou
Apr 27, 2016

In this video NewLifeOutlook community member Kristen Schou talks about combatting the feelings of loneliness that often accompany depression.

Watch the video above to hear Kristen’s thoughts and tips, or read the written summary below.

Moving Past Loneliness

Feeling like you don’t have any friends or anyone to turn to is painful, and that’s why today I want to go over some tips to help you when feelings of loneliness start.

Firstly, realize that this is just a feeling and is not your reality. Feelings aren’t facts — there is someone out there who loves you, and you are never alone.

When you start to feel lonely and have negative thoughts, write them down and think about the circumstances leading up to those feelings. Where were you? Who were you with? What was happening? Writing these things down can help you better understand your feelings what triggers them.

My last tip is to make an action plan. Once you know have a list of things that trigger these feelings, talk with your therapist about why these things might be triggers and how to go about reducing and managing your exposure to them.

If you are not in therapy right now, I highly recommend it. Keeping all your thoughts inside won’t help. A therapist can help you pinpoint what’s contributing to your depression and help you work towards recovery.

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