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Elodie Edjang is the creator of the YouTube channel ThisisElodie (formerly known as thepigsandmonkeys) where she creates content spanning from style to college advice.

She is a graduate of the University of Georgia with an AB in Anthropology and an ABJ in Advertising. She is currently pursuing a MFA in Documentary Media with plans to expand the depth and reach of her content.

Elodie's Work

Video Depression Triggers video

What Triggers Depression?

Some common depression triggers can include a loss of a loved one, personal or work-related stress, hormonal changes, or seasonal changes.
by Elodie Edjang on May 4, 2018
Video Depression in the Elderly video

Understanding Depression in the Elderly

Elodie is going to be talking about a quite overlooked demographic, the elderly, and how depression affects the elderly also.
by Elodie Edjang on February 9, 2018
Video Bullying and Depression video

The Connection Between Depression and Bullying

Bullying and depression are often related to one another. Depression is known to affect both bullies and their victims, and victims of online bullying.
by Elodie Edjang on February 9, 2018
Video Depression in Women video

Everything You Need to Know About Depression in Women

Women tend to eat and sleep more, and there are certain types of depression that is only attributed to females. Learn more about depression in women.
by Elodie Edjang on November 17, 2017
Video How to Talk to Someone With Depression video

How to Talk to Someone With Depression

Elodie is going to share with you some tips on how to talk to someone with depression without shaming them and how to support them.
by Elodie Edjang on October 13, 2017
Video Combatting Suicidal Thoughts video

Combatting Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts can range in severity from fleeting thoughts to deep-held plans. Thankfully, there are some ways to combat these thoughts.
by Elodie Edjang on October 5, 2017
Video Coping With Depression And Suspicion

Coping With Feelings of Suspicion and Depression

Suspicion, or distrust of others and their intentions can accompany your depression. However, don't give up. There are ways to cope with those feelings.
by Elodie Edjang on September 1, 2017
Video Self-Talk for Depression

Improving Your Self-Talk for Depression

By eliminating negative thoughts and self-talk, you're on the right path to improving. Elodie shares how you can improve your self-talk for depression.
by Elodie Edjang on August 11, 2017
Video Alternative Therapies for Depression

Alternative Therapies to Try For Depression

Elodie shares other forms of therapy that can help reduce stress which can help your overall depression. Try these alternative therapies for depression.
by Elodie Edjang on July 28, 2017
Video How To Raise Depression Awareness

How To Raise Awareness of Depression

Raising awareness about depression is important because it helps remove some of the stigma associated it. Learn how you can speak up about depression.
by Elodie Edjang on July 10, 2017