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Sugar and Depression: The Impact Sugar Has on Depression and Mental Health

Mood-Busting Foods

Studies have shown that various food sources can greatly affect the severity of depression and its symptoms. If you’re looking to start small, cutting sugar out of your regular diet may be enough to show a significant improvement in mood. Some sugar is required in our diets, but most people consume way more than is necessary. There are different forms of sugar, and just like fat, some are okay and some are not. Processed and refined...

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Best Foods for Depression

Boost Your Energy and Mood By Eating Well

A change in diet can vastly improve some of the symptoms of depression. Consider including these foods for depression in your diet
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Depression-Busting Smoothies

Depression-Busting Smoothies

Depression-busting smoothies combine healthy ingredients with those that transport you back to a happier time.
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Mood-Busting Foods

The Impact of Sugar on Depression

Sugar and depression are good friends, in that sugar can worsen your depression. Check out these other mood-busting foods that can bring you down.
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The Connection Between Depression and Appetite

When Your Brain and Your Stomach Don’t Get Along

There's a clear connection between depression and appetite. Whether you're overeating or under eating, you need to break the cycle. Consider these tips.
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Soups for Depression

Soup: The Healthy Depression Comfort Food

This fall, consider making comfort soups for depression. Dr. Donna shares her tips on making nutritious, delicious soups.
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Diet and Depression

Finding the Right Foods to Manage Mood Disorders

After being diagnosed with depression, it is important to pay closer attention to your eating habits. Your diet affects your brain's neurotransmitters.
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