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Depression article: My Story: Marta SoltysMy Story: Marta Soltys

Depression is awful and feeling needed and connected are the answers; however, sometimes someone who is depressed does not have the energy.

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  • LAWLAW Member
    My bipolar depression is overcoming me everyday I want to stay in bed and sleep I have no desire or inkling of energy to get up and do anything I am nothing like I used to be and I need advice desperately it has completely taken over all of me I am nothing like I once was. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and talk to myself to get some motivation and get up every morning and I can't I don't want to. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression disorder years and years ago but I have never experienced such a depressive State as I have in the last 2 months!!! Please help!!!!!!
  • KevinKevin Member
    Awesome story Marta. Having suffered for years I can appreciate your struggle. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for fighting!
  • Hi Law I hear you I'm so tired and lonely but I just can't get going or motivated ! Im back on lexapro hopefully it helps I get off thinking its not doing much but in the longer run its worse when I'm off it! Glad to be on here and know I'm not alone! What ever you do don't stop taking depression pills! Stay strong!

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