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Depression article: My Story: Brynna TaceMy Story: Brynna Tace

For me, dealing with this was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I did it. I beat the cycle. It was hard, but I did it.

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  • Thank you for sharing. It's encouraging to read your journey
  • Hey Brynna! That is a great step.

    I just made my 'depression success story' fancy and I think you will find a lot of information there on how to get your mind clear. For me it was a mix between cognitive behavioural thearpy and taking up the gym. Meds were gone by then and I started reading to keep positive thoughts in my mind.

    Check it out at: Thanks for sharing your story :) Be strong and start the change!
  • My first bout with severe depression was when my youngest of two was in first grade. I would get up every morning, feed my beloved boys, get them to school, and go home and go back to bed for the rest of the day. The alarm was carefully set to wake me in time to get my sweet boys, and then more carefully reset to the time my ex had it set for so that no one knew what my days looked like. The rest of the day was a whirlwind of trying to get everything done so everything looked right. House tidied up - check. Dinner made - check. Help the boys with their homework - check. Play with my sweet babies - double check!
    And so was my life. A deplorable existence of not being able to function during the day and feeling outrageous guilt for spending all day asleep. It eventually passed, but was years before I learned that this torturous hell was called depression.

    For years now, I have been on proper medication (though adjusted and changed several times) and shocked to find out that my actual diagnosis is major depressive disorder. That aside I still fight against it and find great strength in God and the incredible joy He brought me in providing a precious pup (actually 9 now) that gives me reason to laugh, function, and play again.

    Thank you God, and thank you Luca!
  • Brynna, You appear to be a wonderful, strong, and overcoming woman. How wonderful for your success and Happy
    1st anniversary!!!
  • I am proud of you. I'm looking for help now myself. I went 3 years with no self harm now 2 weeks ago I ruined that
  • Thanks for sharing! It helps to be on here and hear your story thank you God bless!

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