What Triggers Depression?

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imageWhat Triggers Depression?

What triggers depression? What if depression was a learned reaction? Could it be unlearned? Could daily habits create a reduction in depression symptoms?

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  • The weather can trigger my depression.
  • Constant anxiety wears me out and then I become very depressed. I have to try not to be hyper-vigilant.
  • @bbhermit Me too! The long winters we get in Michigan do me in.
  • When one of my children do or say something that worries or upsets me does it everytime . Also when I get really tired it will trigger it .
  • My hubby always says to me "Don't should on yourself".
    I would like to add a lot more to this list but one in particular stands out the most as I run into this a lot when going through a very dark point in my depression. I've had it all my life pretty much. So from experience I have learned more and more, while friends are a good support system, it's ok for feiends not to always be able to help you. Sometimes the best help is listening and respecting to what that friend suffering is needing and not what you think they need. Which may be soace(healthy soace). Listening is key. So if you have close friends it doesn't necessarily mean they'll always know or do the right thing. Let them in but don't completely rely on them. For me, in the past, by doing that I sapped the relationship and didn't depend enough on God and my family for healing. Also having a professional or minister or both to talk with is very helpful and healing.
  • I caught my husband, of 19 years, with a back page HOOKER in 2013. He has lied over n over and made me feel like I was going crazy!! I was not crazy!! 4 yrs later, still calling them. No respect. I now have PTSD. Can't eat. Sleep, function. And blamed me the whole time. He's isolated me from friends and family. He's took advantage of my weakness to the fullest. I finally feel that I'm breaking thru the fog he'll I've been living with. I was always the strong one in the marriage. The backbone. Now, barely can take care of my family. I've been secretly saving money and when I can, I am moving. He has No clue. My kids are old enough now. 16, 17. I can't have them around this. I've dealt with this all alone. It's killing me!!!
  • RONRON Member
    This subject of depression came up last month with some Christian friends so I threw in my thoughts. Try this is my thinking for a fix if you are a Christian: Turn up the lights and consider who you are and who you belong to. That's it. If you are not a Christian I invite you to consider becoming one by repenting and being baptized, changing your ways. Romans 12. Acts 2:38 and chapters 10 and 11. See also 1Peter 3:21. Scripture says do not be anxious, do not worry, Matthew 6 for starters. You will become a child of God when you become a Christian. Talk about self esteem. Can't beat that. Some more principles to live by are in Philippians 4:8 where our thinking is guided. Also read Colossians. I'll try to check back to see any replies. Cheers!
  • Ron, religion is too often, in my experience and opinion, used as a "crutch" when dealing with depression. As someone who was born and raised Catholic (including 12 years of Catholic schooling), I found religion made me feel worse, not better. Perhaps because, in my experience, Catholics use one very strong emotion to "keep you in line" and that is GUILT. Guilt over everything from the time you are even able to understand what it is in order for you to feel better or worse about yourself, including things that people do because we are human, thoughts that we have because we are human, and on and on and on and on. Being raised Catholic did nothing for my mental state except make me feel worse. Once I graduated and went out into the real world, I totally distanced myself from any kind of religion. I still always had the believe in God, but my faith was nearly non-existent. Only in the last couple of years have I returned to having more faith but it will NEVER be associated with Catholicism again, nor any organized religion for that matter. God doesn't care what religion you are, He cares about the kind of person you are/were and the life you lead while here on Earth. Please don't quote Bible verses at me - I have all the faith I need now - religion makes it complicated. You either believe or you don't and act accordingly, it's really just that simple.
  • When I read comments from people spouting religious nonsense, I am insulted. As a Christian who has suffered from depression, I can tell you that reading scripture, praying, hoping super hero Jesus will come and save you is utter nonsense. People who post religiosity are ignorant and do not understand a single thing about the affliction. They preach emptiness because it is easier to say, “I’ll pray for you,” than it is to actually do something. The only thing that will actually work is medical treatment. That’s it. Seek medical help. Start with your doctor who will either prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist. No religious person can help you. They are not equipped to do so, in fact, may exacerbate the problem.
  • My mother was a manic depressive who died at 52. I endured mental anguish and some physical abuse from her as a teen and resented her for years due to my ignorance. I have been married 4 times...one American and 3 foreigners. Not for money on my end...but they used me. I never received a dime. Had 3 children from 1st marriage and their father raised them. I have grieved for years over them. Now i am 60 years old. Had panic disorder and depresdion so many years and just taken medication for it. I live alone and have most of my adult life. I am now going to face my demons and get help with the Mental Health Center. I have no life and sit in my recliner all day and sleep when i can. I have no family support whatsoever. I have always been independent but now i am cripplrd by this depression.
  • People who attack you, or won’t let you feel your own joy. Also, feeling negative about them in return. It’s and unnecessary burden, when things are already difficult internally.

    Answer: Don’t be around them, AND don’t be angry with them.

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