8 Lessons I Learned From My Depression

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Depression article: 8 Lessons I Learned From My Depression8 Lessons I Learned From My Depression

I've struggled with depression for years and I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Here are 8 valuable lessons depression taught me.

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  • LisaMLisaM Member
    There is Plagiarism in this article. Parts of this article have been directly copied from other articles on the web about Depression. If you are going to use another authors content you should give credit to the original author and not claim the words as your own that is Copyright Infringement.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @LisaM Hi there - thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sharing the links to the articles you feel this piece is plagiarizing?
  • DeedeeDeedee Member
    I have learned that it is never too late to deal with your depression. I've suffered since childhood, too. Sometimes, I just got sick of dealing with it, talking about it, and would have been glad for it just to go away. Now that I'm 52, and dealing with new issues in my life, I beat myself up with thinking that I should have somehow "arrived" by now. Anyone, at just about any age, or any time can suffer from depression, from a child to old age. And it is never too late to get help for it. We are worth it!
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Deedee Thank you for those words of encouragement! Your story is inspiring and I know other depression warriors will find hope in it as well.

    You are not alone.


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