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Sugar and Depression: The Impact Sugar Has on Depression and Mental Health

Mood-Busting Foods

Studies have shown that various food sources can greatly affect the severity of depression and its symptoms. If you’re looking to start small, cutting sugar out of your regular diet may be enough to show a significant improvement in mood. Some sugar is required in our diets, but most people consume way more than is necessary. There are different forms of sugar, and just like fat, some are okay and some are not. Processed and refined...

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Benefits of Yoga for Depression and How to Get Started

Benefits of Yoga for Depression and How to Get Started

Benefits of yoga for depression are virtually endless as it has a myriad of benefits for both your body and your mind.
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Exercise and Depression

Can Exercise Really Improve Depression Symptoms?

Could going for a jog actually improve your depression? Studies suggest it can. Counselor Eric Patterson looks at the impact of exercise and depression.
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