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Depression and Personality Disorders: How do the Two Disorders Interact?

Depression and Personality Disorders

It’s not uncommon for a person to be diagnosed with depression, only to learn later that they also have a personality disorder. Studies have shown around 6-10% of the world’s population is affected by a personality disorder. I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, but this diagnosis didn’t happen until after I was told by my doctor that I had depression. The help I was receiving for my depression was helping very little, which increased my intense negative thoughts and...

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Coping With Depression and Self-Harm

Coping With Depression and Self-Harm

In order to break the cycle of depression and self-harm, you have to understand why you self-harm, and find a different coping mechanism to replace it with.
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Treatment-Resistant Depression

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Patients with treatment-resistant depression are at a higher risk of relapse whilst undergoing treatment.
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How Depression and Eating Disorders are Linked

How Depression and Eating Disorders are Linked

Depression and eating disorders share common symptoms, so you may not notice them working alongside each other.
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Learning to Depression-Proof Your Environment

Learning to Depression-Proof Your Environment

What places trigger feelings of sadness and despair? It may be time for a change of environment to encourage depression recovery.
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Depression and Substance Abuse

When Depression and Substance Abuse Coexist

Some people use because they're depressed and some are depressed because they use. Learn more about the link between depression and substance abuse .
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Understanding the Link Between Stress and Depression

Understanding the Link Between Stress and Depression

Stress and depression are linked in a number of ways, and learning how to manage your stress can help you to better control your depression. Find out why.
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Carla's Story of Depression and Addiction

Facing Addiction While in the Midst of Depression

Carla shares her story of depression and addiction, her time spent in rehab, and the importance of placing equal weight on the addiction and the depression.
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Depression and Gluten

Is There a Connection Between Depression and Gluten?

Is there a connection between depression and gluten? Research suggests gluten can worsen depression in people with gluten sensitivity.
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Depression and Binge Eating

Binge Eating When Sad Can Be More Than a Simple Case of the Blues

Depression and binge eating are closely linked, some studies suggest. What signs should you look out for and what are the treatment options?
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Video Can I Take Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy?

Can I Take Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy?

Learn about using anti-depressents for managing depression during pregnancy.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on January 6, 2014